Looking for the perfect empty shot

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the more touristy areas of London over the last few months. I haven’t been able to avoid them. Note to self: don’t try to walk across Westminster Bridge between 10am and 10pm and avoid The Globe around 2pm when all the school parties are going in.

One place that you can actually walk across is Horse Guards Parade. It’s so large that there’s enough room for everyone. And at night it’s one of the only truly dark places in London. Walking across, you get a sense of what London must have been like before electric light when you can’t see to put one foot in front of the other.

Horseguards Parade, at night, London

Looking back through Horseguards Parade to war memorial, London

And when you’ve finally made it across the gravel of Horse Guards Parade without falling over, you get this wonderfully atmospheric view back through the arches of Horse Guards to the Guards’ Memorial. And then turn round to find a lone soldier from the Household Cavalry at the entrance gate. (There are usually a couple inside the gates too.)

Tourists photographing guard at Horseguards, London

The light makes for a very atmospheric photo – if only you could get one without tourists in it!

If you wait long enough, you might get a shot:

Tourists taking a photo with soldier from Household Cavalry at Horse Guards, London

with just a few tourists in.

Or even just 1 tourist:

A tourist takes a photo of a member of the Household Cavalry, Horse Guards, London

And then just when you think you’ve been waiting long enough to get just the right shot:

Member of the Household Cavalry, at Horse Guards with red London bus going past down Whitehall

But at least it’s iconic!

And eventually all that waiting pays off:


And it’s all worth it.

4 thoughts on “Looking for the perfect empty shot

    • Thanks. Thankfully it wasn’t the coldest evening we’ve had this winter! But if you wait for a while in a likely spot, you may be rewarded with a great shot! Of course you have to be ready to react quickly when that moment comes.
      And there have been times where that moment hasn’t arrived. You have to know when to give up and gone back another day

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